Ayudha Puja Kit



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It's the day when all your 'ayudha' - your professional tools and home equipment - are given a day of rest and are propitiated for another year of successful operations. Here's how you can settle down to a peaceful pooja even as your tools are put to a state of rest for a day - just order a Ayudha Pooja Kit from Pooja Essentials. Every item you need for your ayudha pooja is part of this kit, so enjoy the convenience even as you enjoy honouring the tools that help you with your livelihood.

The kit contains 14 items with a nett weight of 400 gms.

Product Details
Product Specification
S.no Products Qty Units
1 Kum Kum 25 gms
2 Turmeric powder 25 gms
3 Sandal powder 50 gms
4 Vibuthi 25 gms
5 Camphor 5 Nos
6 Agarbathi 1 Box
7 Betel Nuts 25 gms
8 Cotton Thread 1 pack
9 Loban cup 1 No
10 Oil 50 ml
11 Match Box 1 No
12 Turmeric 4 No
13 Sloka paper 1
14 Cone 4 No

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