Vinayaga Chaturti Kit


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He is considered the remover of all obstacles. So on the special day when you bring Him home, make sure you are totally prepared to receive Lord Ganesha and shower your love on him. Pooja Essentials helps you do this with a convenient kit designed to make your Vinayaga Chathurthi a blessed on. The kit comprises everything you need for the pooja, from the smallest of items like a betel nut, to the cotton vasthram, and a book that will guide you through the pooja. So, let Ganesha simplify your life, while we simplify your pooja time.

The kit contains 16 items with a nett weight of 150 gms.

Product Details
Product Specification Products Qty Units
1 Kum Kum 10 gms
2 Turmeric powder 25 gms
3 Sandal Villai 1 No
4 Vibuthi 10 gms
5 Camphor 2 Nos
6 Agarbathi 5 Nos
7 Cotton Thread 2 Nos
8 Cup Sambirani 1 No
9 Cone 4 Nos
10 Betel nuts 10 gms
11 Towel 1 No
12 Holy thread 1 No
13 Cotton vasthram 1 No
14 Turmeric 2 Nos
15 Match Box 1 No
16 Book (Guide) 1 No

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